Detox Your Wardrobe!

/ ” there will come a day when I set it to draw, I will wait only at the right time!/ ” a phrase that sounds familiar. Take away those flowers-pants and Tiger print dress, you’re going to still not attracting. It is really time now for: Detox Your Wardrobe!

the journal Glamor has a fabulous action! Dive that wardrobe in and collect all your fun/\ ‘ I’m waiting for the right time/\ ‘-garments that earn a new glamour girl. The liver then geh  Detox Your wardrobe! eel in style in the pink Glamour Detox Your Wardrobe Bag in   at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Between 9 and 22 February is your clothing welcome and very likely to 10.000 euro shopping money!On Sunday the 1st of March is there in de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam held an auction in which all donated clothing   is auctioned. In addition, you can also be the new owner of a garment of a BN/\ ‘ there. Who knows, for example, the Red   you get Chanel Jacket by Maria Kooistra…Of course you do all this for good reason. You support equal women’s organisation Mama Cash! For we women come on

for women all over the world.

do you want to get involved and/or come to a Detox pink Bag? Please check for any information! This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginContent Filtering, WP-Auto Post

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