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The day of love bring you of course by with your loved one. Beautiful together have breakfast (at least; he brings you breakfast in bed of course) and then bathe together. Therme Skincare has something for everyone. The Sweety shower gels make showering a big party. Pure chocolate Shower is – how could it be otherwise – chocolate brown and smells strong as you put it on your skin. The creamy lather and leaves a nice subtle scent on the skin. According to Therme stimulate the chocolate extracts the production of the substance beta-endorphine, which gives your skin a boost. In addition to this ultimate Shower with a Soothing Cream has Valentijnstube Therme also yogurt and honey, Juicy Shower (Raspberry and melon) and De-energising Shower shot with guarana and grapefruit. Lie you prefer with your Valentine in a hot bath? Then the Roses Bath Oil very suitable, the rose is, of course, for centuries a symbol of love. So what could be nicer than to bathe in the extracts of this romantic flower. The aroma oil does not foam and is immediately absorbed by the skin. So you don’t have to a health resort and you can stay at home all day with your sweet.

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Theme Skincare Sweety shower gels Pure chocolate Shower (200 ml) aromatherapy Roses Bath Oil (100 ml)

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