Serenade for a healthy heart

more and more young people suffer from heart problems by unhealthy living habits. To here to ask for attention is Jump, the Youth Fund of the Dutch Heart Foundation, launched the campaign on 10 February \ ‘ a healthy heart should best what beat faster \ ‘. Action so!

research among young people has shown that they are not always aware of their unhealthy lifestyle. So think 83 percent that they are healthy life, but it appears that no less than 47 per cent is unhealthy acts! All those unhealthy habits and consequences as overweight, can cause heart disease in later life. In fact: at present this cause of death number é n é for women! Time to get there so

to do something about it.

 Serenade for a healthy heart to play on Valentine’s day a real Jump offers you the opportunity to send to someone serenade with personal message that you want to let the heart beat faster: your loved one, a friend or a girlfriend. An extra benefit is that you are right requires attention to the importance of healthy (children’s) hearts, the actions and the research that Jump and the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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