Sunset Boulevard: surprisingly boulevard

If you Sunset Boulevards cd from 1994 with Glenn Close are used, must have the Netherlands version of Andrew Lloyd Webbers musical come to lie in the hearing. But that happens quite quickly, as early as the first time you the cd spins. At number 14 on the cd Sunset Boulevard (solo by Joe Gillis-Antonie Kamerling), run shivers down your body; the ultimate proof how managed the musical is. The number as its only a bit disappointing in terms of sound-especially in the beginning of this year, the number is my year. Cases movie star the musical tells the story of Norma Desmond (Simone Kleinsma and Pia Douwes), a fallen movie star from Hollywood in the fifties of the last century. They live in the illusion that her comeback is imminent. In doing so, put them all her arrows on screenwriter Joe Gillis, who is also her lover. She has the belief that he will save her career è re … but looks can be deceiving.Difficult because the extremely difficult role of Norma z ó is – anyway, swapping Simone Kleinsma and Pia Douwes Dutch musical – off Queens. On the premi è re (10 October last year) shines Simone, that of its polite Pia on 20 november. The cd is a recording of the é è re chte premi. Hence Simone can be heard on the full version of the musical. On the bonus cd are still five songs sung by Pia. Both give their own interpretation to Norma and both of them are a joy to listen to. The music in this sublime musical is z ó beautiful and should preferably be run at high volume. Take your time, no tv, no book take your time, and listen to the story. Wonderful to lose yourself in a few hours. But be warned: you begin, then it’s best to buy a ticket for the show right away but because you want to experience it live. Simone Kleinsma and Pia Douwes are sublime, Antonie is a pleasant surprise. I’m very curious to know how he does it on 21 June if I own in the Chamber. I believe that he has the potential to make the role even more private. Sunset Boulevard Joop van den Ende Theatre productions/Stage Entertainment Stage Music

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