Mother Lily Allen begs CD buy

Lily wrote on her blog that her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, good chance to be number 1 in the u.s. charts. And that is why she decided the readers (and preferably the rest of the world) begging to buy her cd. Call it fanatically, call it sad: it is still wacky Lily.

but it can be sadder: apparently Lily so afraid that the her music can’t change your time of arrival, that they’ve enabled her mother. Also who is on her knees and has sent an e-mail in which she writes that \ ‘ everyone at the record company will keep you forever if you now Lily’s fantastic new album buy! The first week is so important, so do it now! Especially you guys in the US! \ ‘

how good that album may be, you’d be almost instant comfortably in the shop pass up…?

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