Which of the three is Valentine?

fly with Cupid, as we dive into the history of love!As with many historic public holidays is often still the doubt about what exactly is the origin of the story. And Saint Valentine has similarly are several legends that the round do. .. who of the three's valentine? 1Valentijn Legend would be named after the Roman Bishop Valentinus. At that time reigned Emperor Claudius II and he was convinced that unmarried men would be better soldiers.   so he made a law that said that young men were not allowed to marry. Bishop Valentinus got to feel sorry for the men who could not marry with the love of their life and decided the amorous couples to marry in secret. Unfortunately not this secret was well preserved and   he ended up in prison. He tried the emperor to convert to Christianity, but that still felt so offended that he decided Valentinus beheading. Valentinus was ge ë executed on 14 February. who of the three's valentine? Legend got his imprisonment 2while Valentinus-we call him from now on just Valentine  -visit of the stadtholder of Rome. He wanted that Valentine would heal his blind daughter. He gave her a drug, but this did not work. On the day of the beheading tried the father the verdict still, but without result. After the girl received a small note Valentine’s execution of him showing a yellow flower fell (when people asked him for advice he gave them a flower, hence the greeting flowers on Valentine’s day). On the note was written: ” of Valentinus ” . Then the girl could see again!But … in another case would not go to a stadtholder, but to a warden of the prison where Valentine was caught, and he was in love with his daughter. He would be her before his execution still a note ( ” from your Valentine ” ) have written.Legend 3This is something completely different, but perhaps the most obvious. February 14, would be just the day that the birds begin again with couples. as early as the 14th century wrote Geoffrey Chauser: ” For this was on seynt Volantynys day, whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make. ” ( ” Because this was on Saint  who of the three's valentine?  Valentine’s day, when every bird his buddy comes choose. ” ) Also in humans would be on/around that day the \ ‘ \ ‘ mating urge emerge!What the truth may be, Valentine’s day is also marked by the love! And why should we not once a year our sweetheart put just a little more in the Sun or  – -be pampered ourselves even better? Or family and friends whom you feel you’ve let them not enough brands that you love them, they still let us know on one day so \? That should just be celebrated!How does your ideal Valentine’s day look like?

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