Emergency cursusje Time management

it will surprise few people, but we Dutch people come running out of time. At least, that we find itself. Research by RenM Matrix shows that no less than 85 percent don’t know where they need to get the time to do whatever they want. Funny detail: two thirds think busier than those around them. Dutch find themselves good planners. We women have in it a little more right to speak,  jpeg agenda_150. Emergency Time management as we significantly more often on time than the men. (Tell us something new…)


hunted life makes us not less happy. More than three quarters of women and two-thirds of the men will find it agreeable. But what if you have the feeling that you are getting a bit lagging behind the facts? Ze.nl gives you an emergency

cursusje time management!

1. Plans & priorities stellenMaak a to do list and rank the things that you have to give up important to less important. Nasty or big jobs you can best to top of the list: then you’re there from and you better estimate how much time you have for small chores. Additionally: of delay … But beware: be re ë el

not too much one day and prop.

2. RitmeHet may sound like your overprotective mother, but: get regularity in your life. Even if only a little. For example, declare an evening in the week just Holy as sports or girlfriends evening. Some of those fixed create benchmarks in the week in any case already rest in  jpeg hand_250. Emergency alarm clock cursusje Time management

your head.

in addition, seems you much more efficient ë functions when you get up at about the same time every day. (Although research calls this including weekends to do, we want to limit us here during the week…)

3. Don’t be afraid to missenHet something is really something to be afraid of now missing something. And so save you don’t party, drinks or other social commitment about. Because imagine that just like you are out… But relax! The fun also called one more time without you! To quote: ” Glasses to Martin you miss more than you are going through. Not at all bad. ” Spark also Rose, Professor of social psychology, says in an interview with Intermediate PW that feel really something of time deficit to come this time. They also see that people want to Miss nothing. ” But if you specify something, maybe you can more and more intensive blend into what remains, and that can make you happier. Delete so things if you have that problem. ”

4. set grenzenJe

know the drill: you have to check your balance online here or your itinerary, you unnoticed yet again an hour to hanging out at the computer! Put a-AlarmClock or timer and just plug off when time expires. Or put your Hyves account occasionally on non-active. Will save you again in a few hours a week.

 jpeg vriendinnen_150. Emergency Time management 5. Girl friends break-upWaarschijnlijk do you know it: that one \ ‘ \ ‘ girlfriend you really only bored again, calling to ask if you want to meet up. Make Sense? Eh, no. But yeah, how you bring that tactically? For the sixth time say that you already have an appointment or really too busy with exams does not work anymore. And so do not waste your time on something that you spare again not at all like it. It takes some courage, but now, let’s bite the heel and tell honestly that your lives no longer fit together and that you no longer like your friendship. It does perhaps as pain, but you no longer have to pretend and you love more time to invest in friendships that you care about.

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