Part 4: enjoy Buenos Aires

of everything that happens on the streets, or in the subway, or Yes … of my great love in the Hospital.

Buenos Aires is huge! With 14 million people is the population almost equal to very é é Netherlands and that in n city crammed. Each district has z \ a private atmosphere. Take, for example, Recoleta, the area with the most expensive land and the tomb of Eva   Per ó n. not just any cemetery: just call it a village with houses, streets and Windows through which you can see the boxes. La Boca is the tourist neighbourhood with its famous coloured cottages: very lovely during the day, but life-threatening in the night. San Telmo has the antique market on Sunday with troepjes, souvenirs, tango dancers, magicians and running cold water, empanadas or fresh orange sellers who offer. Wonderful to stroll in the sunshine around there with \ a maracuya-ice cream from the Freddo.

 part 4: enjoy Buenos Aires Palermo is the area with chic clubs, restaurants and original clothing boutiques. It has a Zoo between the flats, parks where ice cream bikes and fragrant choripankarretjes stand. Every day walking, skating and racing the Porte ñ os-inhabitants of BsAs-here buttons. In this district where the series Julia’s Tango is included, I’ve lived. The last two weeks along with Fleur, a nice girl from Zeist which also plans next year to study medicine. It felt like our home. The fruit guys among us every morning were all ready with a bag of strawberries, the Baker at the corner our order could be dreams and the ice cream shop boy

more and more Dutch words learned.

to make you really feel as Argentine, you won’t get in where the least attractive fluorescent-lighted restaurant crowded with couples who, like us, to the buffet went for 15 pesos (about 3.50 euros). Encouraging!

In the subway you see the nicest things: dear old Grandpa’s who stand up for tomatoes. A musician who gets in, his seat folds out and unceremoniously begins to play. Handsome men. The men who always let go. Entertainers where everyone for flips and in rush hour, as the he-le-times jam-packed is and someone still tussenwurmt themselves, there is n í emand who complains: everyone is friendly. Even allows anyone nicely in the queue for the bus leaving laughable long rows by the street emerged.Not to mention, there is a lot of poverty: young kids in the metro that beg or sell her clips, poverty in the street, unemployed people in the train that tell their story. You see with your own eyes how large the differences may be


 part 4: enjoy Buenos Aires a nice highlight was Christmas in the Sun! With Christmas tree and Feliz Navidad-songs in the background made Fleur and I a Christmas Day dinner for friends. The shopping alone was an experience! With \ a cart full of bife de lomo, wines, vegetables and champagnes we stood at the cash register. All of a sudden started the crowd to clap and we, of course, enthusiastic tourists, happy as we are permitted to applaud. After the rows were longer and longer, we were already half an hour no meter moved and cola was handed out, we knew something was wrong. All forty-five cashier’s were \ ‘ out of running \ ‘: evil, fighting and sneaky doorrennende Argentines. There we were two hours long. everyone had z \ ‘ n kerstboodschappen necessary, we could no way. If karwaardes were estimated with a mobile solution. We like a malle (so if real Hamilton) on the bottom of the champagnes, vegetables on top. Became our cart for less than 1/6 of the total estimated price: what a hoot!

onhygi ë nisch eat sometimes after traveling with I had a small-not serious-belly problem. It was therefore time for a hospital visit. There you are: w é é r two hours of waiting, because Yes, on z \ ‘ n Argentine goes all quiet on. And to é n (put your mind even on slow motion) the door opened with \ a gust over me and oops, allowed me there even an appearance! The Argentine doctor McDreamy, including Prodent-smile, for my nose. I was equally happy that z é lfs the doctors give you a kiss! Those two hours I was already forgotten. After some questions on my part he had to have been a year or 40 (I much   ‘m 25!).


to get to the city to escape we been on a day trip to Tigre. Lovely village with water and boats to reach the houses. Uruguay also was our day trip. By boat including shops, restaurant é n tango show, we crossed over to Colonia. How wonderful it was that after the tango dance an emotional Grandpa stage o  part 4: enjoy Buenos Aires pkwam, a big kiss gave to both dancers and \ wegpinkte ‘ n tears were shed because he so liked. Yes, after sixteen weeks time I’m going to South America Miss.

by now, I am the plane already stepped in and via Auckland-yes, have kissed the soil of New Zealand-flown to Sydney. What a view of the city! Got my mams family, cousin, looked up and now sits in the cottage on the beach, called Nelson Bay. The kids have summer vacation. Totally different: switching to a different culture, a different daily rhythm. But really cool. The plan below is a few days Sydney, then the East Coast travel to Cairns. New continent, new adventure! I sense an.Click here to read part 1, part 2 and part 3   of Gabriella’s special trip!

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