Drama & humor in musical Anatevka

Anatevka is the Dutch adaptation of the musical Fiddler on the roof that was staged for the first time on Broadway in 1964. The musical is based on the book Tevje and His Daughters of the Russian-Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem. In Netherlands is the musical staged three times: in 1966/1967, in 1998/1999 and currently travels the musical

along many theatres in Netherlands.

 Drama & humor in musical Anatevka it recounts revolves around the poor Jewish milkman Tevje who along with his wife and five daughters live in Tsarist Russia. To the Jewish traditions while tevje attaches great especially his three oldest daughters try to avoid these traditions now all three have reached the marriageable age. To sadness and despair of ever need future sons-in-law Tevje to those not at all compatible with the traditions he holds to. In addition, the rumor around that the Russian community wants to expel all Jews from their villages…

I have to admit that I went to the musical with some reluctance. I was expecting a bleak, might be boring musical that it especially needs to have the dramatic events surrounding the Jews. Nothing turned out to be less true. The story is indeed quite tragic, because you know what’s happened with the Jews in Russia. But the story is in a very nice look with lots of humor and always fantastic Henk Poort in the lead role. The role of Tevje is him like a glove, and it’s not for nothing that this role he now plays for the second time. Tevje focuses during the musical several times to God. However, he does this with so many h jeson, self-mockery and sarcasm that sometimes you of your seat

rolls with laughter.However, The musical is not only

but humorous. You feel the threat in the background of the upcoming purges and the end is anything but cheerful. Yet you go home with a satisfied feeling, because you have spent a night in a theatre where a fantastic musical played with a range of great musical actors including Henk Poort, Baaten, Bea Meulenman and Marc-Peter van der Maas. Go see this musical!

Anatevka still plays-23 May 2009 in Netherlands, and then a few more days in Antwerp and Ghent. For the full feature list, please visit this site!

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