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The Girl is based on some short stories from the book The Girls \ ‘ Guide to Hunting and Fishing (Dutch version woman looking for Man). The story gave birth to quite a bit of a stir then known w  DVD: Suburban Girl erd that publishing house Viking a towering (unknown) amount paid for the manuscript. Why? The manuscript was seen as the ultimate example of Smart Women’s Fiction: the female

search for the ideal man.

Here is what Suburban Girl eventually also to: Brett Eisenberg (Sarah Michelle Gellar) thinks the man of her life found in the much older Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin). In this case it went accidentally \ ‘ \ ‘. Brett is in fact initially determined to work itself up in the New York publishing world. But during a book presentation she meets publishers giant Archie and-what a surprise-  they are on battle over their ears in love with each other. Archie engulfs his new love with gifts, dinners and ensure that its c  DVD: Suburban Girl arri è re in the elevator comes. He sounds like the ideal friend, but in the end, the large age difference anyway for a lot of trouble.And?It seemed all a some strange combi: Sarah Michelle Gellar violently in love with Alec Baldwin, who work together to ensure that the sparks of sparks the display. After seeing the movie can come to no other conclusion than that you all those elements really not in it


How often they also call that they are really in love with each other and really love each other, there is no chemistry between the two. It looks superficially from á i á, fake and, above all, s. during the first half hour is an indication to keep your eyes open and ü any notice, to discover a story. Only when Brett’s father dies, there is finally some tension in the film. But then it actually already too late …Suburban Girl Director: Marc KleinEAN: 8715664062050Prijs: 14.99

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