Review: Stella’s War

the lead role in Stella’s War is played by Maartje Remmers. She plays the role of Stella. She has a daughter with her husband   Jur called Iris. Her brother Twan and man are together with a group of other friends broadcast on a peace mission in Uruzgan. During this mission come her b  Review: Stella's war stir and a friend killed by a roadside bomb … at least, that gets Stella to hear. She soon gets himself the presumption that that is not the cause of the actual death of her brother.

The geheimDe friends and her husband have come back to Netherlands, Jur, who act strangely opposite Stella. It is clear that they have something to hide. Her husband retreats into his own little world and does not accept help. Jur has lots of movies made during the peace mission for Stella. She looks at all the movies that her husband has made, but if they are watching a video that at one point é é n of the survivors directly off, her suspicion is only growing. Stella does  Review: Stella's war everything to find out what is in Uruzgan has played and what happened with her brother, Twan. Stella ultimately carries a war to find out the truth to come …


The Stella’s War few dialogues, but it bores no time. The   truth that Stella is trying to figure out, makes the viewer just as curious: \ ‘ what happened, why does everyone  Review: Stella's war so strange, what they hide? \ ‘ you hit   during the quest just as frustrated as Stella, but then you just feel so relieved when you finally know what in Uruzgan has played …   but what that is, you should go see with your own eyes!

in addition to Maartje Remmers (I embrace you with 1000 arms) in the lead role you see also Javier Guzman (Comedy Explosion), Teun kuilboer (Skin), Thijs R ö mer (Het Wapen van Geldrop), Micha Hulshof (Bride Flight) and Anna Drijver (Bride Flight) in the film. This inviting cast makes for an impressive movie!Stella’s War   to see   is from February 19,

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