Date Paris with Don Diablo?

during the New York Fashion Week

sat Paris as usual front row. That she found not enough to all to attract attention and decided to plan A  : noisy to call! Date Paris with Don Diablo?  

Plan A was a fiasco, but Paris Paris would not be if they would have a plan B  : bring her entire wardrobe! Can Paris well truly don’t understand that no New York the New York Fashion Week Fashion Week Paris \ ‘ \ ‘ is called? On one day they had no less than three é é modeschows and therefore three different outfits: a white dress with fur coat, then a pink dress with leather jacket and if wow a white tight dress


the blonde Paris was not done with drawing attention. Later she was spotted with Dutch dj Don Diablo. Flash Movie on the website was the first photograph of the two

can be seen.

Paris, you now have all our attention, because you are our ‘ cutest dj with \ ‘ \ spotted!

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