You’re the one that I want!

 You're the one that I want! The carri è reman is closely followed by the type of epicurean (32 percent). We women seem to feel especially attracted to us so money   (or:   \ ‘ \ ‘ ë le financial security) or to a relaxed man who doesn’t shoot as quickly in the stress. As one that can teach us a little   in perspective if we once again concerned something small!Whoever it not doing wrong is the type brave family man: 22 percent sees himself called \ home at night while hubby with the apron for the food to Cook is, after working with the children from the nursery school and bakfiets has achieved.Less women appreciate the tough construction worker. This powerful type can only count on the preference of 6 percent of women. Perhaps because many the image of the pushy whistling man-with-bouwvakkersdecollet get é for itself? You're the one that I want! striking is that the type is the least popular party animal by 5 percent. Women are not waiting for a riotous entertainment freak who every night on going to drink, dance and party.That the popular modern gentleman (and of course many other types are missing) in the list,   has to do with the fact that has the choice limited to these six archetypes.Experts say that it is impossible to claim that you are on a certain type of man falls. That has to do with the properties of your parents. Unconsciously we feel attracted to someone with the (both positive and negative) features of your parents.   yet we are at wondering what type your prefer?!

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