The best of 2008

2008 was also the year of the new-especially female-musical talents. The only sixteen-year-old Gabriella Cilme scored a huge hit with her Spicy Sweet about me. For the American folk singer and songwriter Colbie Caillet started her great success on My Space. Shortly thereafter she released-with the help of her father that producer is-her first album. Singer and songwriter Duffy is in terms of voice often compared to Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse. She achieved with her monster hit Mercy effortlessly a first place in the Dutch top 40 and is considered as a great upcoming talent. At the time that Leona Lewis in 2006, won the British version of X-factor was her carri è re unstoppable. With the sensitive song Bleeding love, Leona stormed the charts. é é Ndagsvliegen are not mentioned that these ladies, they have already proven by after their first hit with a successful successor to come. Also artists who have established their name long and wide, are of course reflected on this versatile cd. How about Coldplay, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Pink and Enrique Iglesias, to name but a few. That is not a celebrity like Madonna to a relatively unknown colleague to give a nudge in the right direction, evidenced by the fact that the carri è re of singer Katy Perry took a flight, when Madonna described as a favorite of her songs é é n. The rest is history. I kissed a girl and I liked it, dominated the worldwide charts in the summer of 2008. And what about the two Amy’s that with Valerie and This is the life, no less than half a year in the lists have stood! Vocals homegrown talent is also along on this cd. Nick and Simon, Jan Smit, Gerard Joling Ø f Bl, and Jeroen van der Boom signed for the Dutch hits. But also for the English-language artists, 2008 was a record year! Think of Alain Clark who also had great success with Father and friend and Ilse de Lange brought an Incredible album. And as for the Brabant Idols Winner Nikki? She also has nothing to complain about the success of her debut single ” Bring me down. It performs all the songs on this cd too far to call it, but take it from me, it is an impressive list. This cd really has something for everyone and for some of us-including me-even very much.Image removed by ArtistsEAN 0600753128794

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