Delicious Surinamese Maizenakoekjes


, or how the people of Suriname calls it: Gommakoekjes, are the best known and most delicious cookies from Suriname. \ ‘ Gomma \ ‘ means glue or paste, cookies can sometimes dry but oh so tasty sweet. The cookies are delicious with a cup of tea. They are very addictive and in no time you have a whole cookies look maizenakoekjes eliminated! Grab your floral apron there but, because we are delicious

cooking in the kitchen!

  what do you need:  jpeg -200 gr cornstarch-125 gr butter-125 gr white bastardsuiker-2 sachets of vanilla sugar-1 egg-colored sugar sprinkles

How do I make it ready: Preheat your oven at 180 degrees. Mix an egg, butter and sugar together well. Then Add vanilla sugar and continue stir well until the sugar has completely dissolved. It is important while stirring little by little to add cornstarch. You will get a soft white dough, but just make sure that the dough a bit stuck and not too hard. Then roll your small balls of dough and place it on a buttered baking sheet. Press the small balls at the top even flat with a fork, this creates a beautiful figure at the top. Then sprinkle what colored sugar sprinkles match. Bake the cookies for about 20 minutes to half an hour in the oven. Care   that cookies do not Brown, but retain their beautiful white color.

helpful tips:-do not place the dough rolls too close together on the baking sheet. During baking, they are namely bigger.-If you want to get beautiful shapes, you can shoot a gun instead of a fork or pastry bag use.-Maizenakoekjes can be very crumbly, add therefore 50 grams to custard. The only downside is that your cookies there not white but yellow come out

to see.

Start you already make your mouth water? Get those kitchen Princess in you then top and make everyone addicted to your home-made Surinamese

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