Esoteric dictionary

Glossolalie, ever heard of this word? In Greek lalein, or: the glossais is speaking with tongues, languages. In the Christian churches and other religions, it is known that people in some cases with ‘ foreign ‘ tongues going to talk. People can speak certain languages in trance for our completely incomprehensible, since it concerns a language unknown on the Earth. And did you know that Ectoplasm is a material from which spirits can a body fitting, cold to the touch and peculiar smells? Or that the communicated via telepathy Lemuri ë rs? And then we have not yet had the Oz Factor: a temporary condition in which one is in a foreign environment that is parallel and similar to our own world, but clearly not the normal, everyday reality is. Not to mention Xylomantie: divination using wooden dice or wooden rods. The Esoteric dictionary with more than 500 concepts is really a present for it/he who with the paranormal and occult is busy. Clear, uncluttered and readable and for those 7.50 \ ‘ \ ‘ a must-have for euri in the bookcase. Esoteric dictionary Publishing House: Strengholth ISBN: 978 90 4940 019 4 price: 7.50 euro

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