Crisis-Checklist (+ WIN)

Womens facial hair removal, is an expert in the field of consuminderen. She is best known for waging the program and writes columns in Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about savings. She has also several books to her name. Now the credit crunch is a fact, she has written the book: Crisis-checklist. For unemployed high-earners, startled, bon vivants and spoiled saving haters out not as a bank want to fall over. According to Marieke goes around come not just about income and expenses. It’s all about awareness, responsible with money and budgets to go. The booklet is a tool to get a grip on your financial ë n. every chapter begins with a checklist to be filled in and by this you get a view of your own spending patterns, your thinking and you do around money matters. By upon release to stand still, you will be forced to think about the choices you make and or that the right ones for you. Marieke’s advice: ” make sure you create an overview, that you know where your money will remain. See where you can save, work your debt way and make sure you cre ë ert, which gives peace reserves. Keep attention to the following questions: what are your wishes? Commerce has influence on you? Do you often argue about money? ” D á t there often wrangling about money is borne out by the figures: three out of five couples are there guilty of. That is partly caused by the difference in perception between men and women. Men derive status to having money and invest especially in brands. Women invest especially in clothing and gifts and do more impulse buying. Our upbringing turns out to be a major impact how we spend thinking about money. Many couples have money secrets to each other. The key word to the differences in vision and spending on a line is-how could it be otherwise-communication. Research about purchasing behavior are cited, showing that we d we consciously choose a product that é making partnerships, but that our choices be made above all by the subconscious. A fun fact: Dior took advantage of neuro marketing at their fragrance J \ ‘ adore. That is completely up to the colours used in the ad, developed based on the responses of subjects who were linked to a MRI scan. Crisis checklist is a useful and well-organized (work) booklet for anyone who the credit crisis without major damage would endure. The book is packed with tips to cut back, it contains useful links to websites and recommends books to those about money go. It’s about the pitfalls around lending, savings and investments. About priorities, gaps and budget and debt, administration and overview. ” Think of it as a challenge, ” said Saleem Hajja. So we end up against our (Grand) children can say: ” we have the crisis of 2008-2009 survived! ” WIN! should some Crisis-checklist’s giving away! All you have to do is to email us at, mentioned ” Crisis ” in the subject and also put in the email your name, address and username on Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only é é n entry per address is accepted. This contest will run until Monday 8 March 9 am. Crisis-checklist (+ WIN) Crisis-checklistMarieke Hair 9789048801855

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