Win: Shopaholic Omnibus!

it is clear: is crazy about chicklits. With Sophie Kinsella and Jill Mansell as the Queens of women’s books, our appetite for this genre constantly appeased. That the successful Shopaholic-adventures with shop addict Rebecca Bloomwood now made into a film, of course, is totally awesome!

 WIN: Shopaholic Omnibus! Shopaholic!Step inside the infectious dream world of a vibrant woman, who only é é n big problem: they can’t walk past without shop fun jacket or those nice shoes to buy. Rebecca ë le Bloomwoods financial situation is a mess. The debts pile up rapidly on, as well as the threatening letters from the bank.

Shopaholic! in all States. life is delicious, finds Becky Bloomwood. They should with her boyfriend Luke to New York. On to the shopping Mecca, to Saks and Bloomingdale’s and Prada. Everywhere is on sale. Before Becky knows she is again v é é l gone too far. With a broken heart, she tries to save what can be saved from her violated may

some copies of Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie Edition to give away! What should you so d  WIN: Shopaholic Omnibus! oen? members only, minimum 2 photo’s uploaded and at least 3 girlfriends, can win a book. (Of course you can quickly upload a picture and/or girlfriends invite if you still does not meet the conditions.)

Please answer the following question: what is the real name behind the pseudonym Sophie Kinsella, under which they also sometimes books write?

Mail your answer for 5 March to including your login name on and your address information. Winners will be notified personally by email.

no sense to wait or you have won? Order it HERE yourself online at!

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