Michael Jackson back \ ‘ \ ‘ on stage?

a comeback seemed somewhat unlikely: when Michael was cleared of child abuse in 2005, he made a broken impression. Also some posts out there about him came afterwards, were not too positive: he would seriously ill and all charges and money problems made him depressed.   but after last year’s rumors already bandied about, is now again whispered that he climbs on stage again. How weak and sick are you if you prepare 30 live shows?

If you already look forward to a concert at our neighbors, welcome or not too early. However, the final location Las Vegas.   fly just a little further. In addition, VIP cards according to The Times so \ ‘ n 1000 euros! But anyway, with the series of concerts would earn 50 million Michael go and then you help him, along with the other fans, be right from the ë le financial problems!

we are wondering what there, especially after some failed performances in 2007, actually ends up…

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