Wise words and fortune cookies


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Similarly, veiled in black pantyhose’s, short skirts, layers of makeup and high boots, were about to go out, on the way to the place where we made with the unsafe blew every week to within casting of berries Gin and our favourite shooters. Eagerly we made each a cookie open, curious as we were to what awaited us luck again that night. If the text would not give birth, us  wise words and fortune cookies valsspeelsters that we were, we peeled open just one more cookie. \ ‘ optimism and enthusiasm make life worth \ ‘ was there on one note. \ ‘ \ ‘ is appreciated Your company on the other. Our hearts made a giggling little jump, because that would be much good promise.

in good spirits and, of course, with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude we came not long after our local pub cavort inside. However, the evening was not so cozy and spotless as we had hoped. The evening was ordinary. Boring, geesteloos and drizzling, compared to the nights that we already had previously experienced. At least, that seemed so, and that was probably correct though due to our overriding, almost exaggerated goedgemutstheid: how we behaved more cheerful, how our environment seemed to be grumpy. Where was at that time \ ‘ \ ‘ the law of attraction? Nevertheless, we continued, slurring still hopeful, with a triple tongue, while secretly drunk Princes on white horses that do not delving to us seemed to be interested in ge ï, until the end of the evening. To the aansprongen that lights our expired faces betrayed. While I was still busy in conversation was with the owner, Judith, however, had seen enough. She tried to rush me and asked if we could go, on which my conversation partner gave her a loving kick up her ass and its so are verbatim from bonjourde Pub. \ ‘ Well, my company is z é é r appreciated! \ ‘ lalde they cynical with a guffaw with which they tried to suppress a slight disappointment.

 wise words and fortune cookies the next morning, or rather: afternoon, we sat with z \ ‘ n ë n, laveloos and banging headache, two knot in the hair and glasses on our make-uploze nose, bankhangend under a few old blankets in front of the tv. While we cosy napraatten on the conduct of the previous evening she interrupted our conversation suddenly with a somewhat serious question: \ ‘ Von, do you actually like that I’m there? \ ‘ \ ‘ well say yes, \ ‘ I replied surprised, \ ‘ what is that for a weird question! Of course I like that you’re there. \ ‘ \ ‘ But do you é cht nice that I’m there? \ ‘ she repeated. \ ‘ Jaahaa, of course! I find it nice to have you here every week! What Do You Mean? Why do you ask? \ ‘ \ ‘ Ooh! Now I get it! Then j j í the one who my company very appreciate! \ ‘ schetterde they relieved and we shrieked with laughter. Since then there have been only two things we are holy in believe. Unconditional love and another sister wisdom: life is what you make of it.

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