Danny leaves \ ‘ Ciske de Rat \ ‘

starting March 22, when the musical Amsterdam leaves, the singer can be seen less and less. ” I find that the public has a right to know that I’m going to stop with Alex, ” says Danny’s Danny.De role will be taken over by Jorge Verkroost after his departure and the Amsterdam singer Quincy. ” They are both incredibly well, ” says the singer. ” But I like it, for anyone who wants to buy a ticket, yet important to bring out that I am on the stage from March to see less. I want everyone to know how it is and that there is not said that I am ill. ” Recently came out that the musical was extended by six months. This is due to the great success! ” There are even plans to keep going, but then I’m there unfortunately is no longer, ” said   Danny. ” it’s a conscious choice to stop. The next few months it becomes less Ciske, more sunflower \ ‘ \ ‘ Foundation and of course my own performances as levenslied interpreter. ”

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