Wardrobe staple: The Tutti Frutti-Summer 2009!


Kipling needs no introduction. The world famous brand originated in the 1980s. Kipling has been around since the beginning every success posted. The brand stands for functional yet funky bags, backpacks, cases and accessories. The small monkey that dangles to each bag has directly conquered the world and ensures n é t that little extra. Kipling stands for many people may be right to practical, sturdy nylon bags. But that the brand more in z \ a mars has, is proven with the summer HIP collection of 2009! This new collection includes fashionable and smooth laktassen to make your mouth water. A XL shoulder bag to the back-of-envelope went away in pure eighties style: this collection is d é collection for the young and trendy woman!

whether you go for the Chiffon; a large and practical bag or for the Arlene or Ethel; outfit your party bags ieniemienie cheer. HIP brings a touch of funkyness in your wardrobe. And best of all: the hip monkey also has a brand new makeover and makes you bag all the way off! Because each bags lover of course never goes out the door without matching accessories, offers the HIP collection also multifunction etuitjes and practical portfolios.

are you rather out on a cool collection? Vintage Leather is a collection leather bags with a real rock and roll attitude! The collection for Summer 2009 consists of many large bags and plain, warm colors that fit perfectly with all your summer outfits. Toppers include the tough shoulder bags Gade and Cyan, but also the seductive Bagel does very well with every outfit! Conclusion? Bring on that Tutti Frutti-summer!! I’m all ready! Now just as much by saving, because the bags are not exactly cheap … Look for the complete collection at:

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