My bag says that I have …

with every outfit you have certain important accessories to complete your look. Women find it normal to say ” that chain is much better in that dress, but along with that one bag. ” We want to make well once fearless look! Each bag has a special meaning and says what kind of person you are. Especially for you, I have some great bags sorted out! my bag says that I have ...

Envelope bags Small envelope bags show that you of order keeps. You are exactly and pay attention to every little detail in your clothing and beauty treatments. Envelope bags offer very little space and thereby there is only place for important stuff: lip gloss, keys and your wallet. This shows that you don’t have much need to

to be sure of yourself.

 my bag says that I have ... MerktasZien and be seen is your motto! You are fond of fashion and wants to radiate a celebrity status. You see life as a catwalk. As a result, are you aware of the fashion scene and know this translate well in your own clothing. Spend money on expensive designer bags, accessories, shoes and clothing is a must.

big bag schouderZoveel possible clutter take over you cant do you think don’t mind. In your bag you can  my bag says that I have ... : find your mobile with charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, extra clothes, keys to your own home, by your mother, your best friend and your work, magazines, iPod, eight kinds of lip gloss and not to mention your wallet. You have

things within easy reach.

 my bag says that I have ... Backpack Earlier was still normal to with your Princess backpack to run. Despite being a very handy bag, you can do there is no distance. Having a lot of trouble you could still not say goodbye to your childhood. Prefer you stay still a child. It shows that you’re after ï ef and secretly suffers from the Peter Pan syndrome \ ‘ \ ‘ to never mature wor  my bag says that I have ...


Vintage tasDe classic bags from the time that your mother was young. This shows that you don’t have to give a lot of money to look nice see. Your clothing is often tuned to your vintage bag. You have a simple but tasteful style. You have the idea that you don’t have to prove yourself and your own   gang can go with your taste for fashion


 my bag says that I have ... tasEen simple substances Substances bag with a funny pattern or you’ve gotten for free in a shop, show that you are an alternative. You keep your not too concerned with fashion, because there are more important issues going on in the world. You don’t have to stand out and do good where you feel like.

after I had put all my bags next to each other, I came to the conclusion that I have a bags-fetish! Also I have them in all colours and sizes, vintage, big bags, you name it. Useful to know that I am a ‘ vintage/large bag over the shoulder cant \ ‘-person. But anyway, I can’t wait until I can buy a new bag! I LOVE BAGS!

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