Makeup trends Spring/Summer 2009

Blusher makeup trends spring/summer 2009 wanted you to join in with the fashion, then you had to last year with a matte, colorless face walking around. This year, fortunately there color and shine on the face! Blushers in all shapes and shades, it does not matter, just what you like or what fits best with your own complexion. You have naturally pale skin and are you light blonde? A soft pink blusher let your skin look less drab looking. Are you a brunette with a warm skin tone? You can have red-brown blushers. Apply a little shimmer powder to your junk bones and let them so more to the fore. You can then make your blusher collector. Shine around your eyebrows, gives more shape to your face.


 makeup trends spring/summer 2009 Pens those lips!Eyeliner around the eyes may still, as well as red lips, in all sorts of shades. Rose-red, brown red, cherry, orange-red, you name it! Note: this last color can make it seem a bit more yellow your teeth. Further, it’s this summer especially to (though I thought Christmas was over): Gold on the eyes! Personally, I recommend to the accent than to impose on your lips, ó ó f f on your eyes. Do you have black defined eyes? Smokey eyes? Then a soft, almost \ ‘ \ ‘ nude tint on your lips already sufficient. Bright red lips? Please use only mascara. Small warning: shiny Golden hues accentuate fine lines.

Tip: a strong shiny, light golden tone eye shadow in the middle of your lips (about, for example, your brown red lipstick) make your lips fuller.

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