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get up and buy!

Two weeks ago I bought new boots. Expensive boots. Particularly expensive boots. The most expensive boots I have ever purchased. I felt there insanely excited, financially independent and satisfied with. And at the same time due guilty.

(while purchasing totally outside my fault to happened. As you saunter through the sale caught my well trained eye always the new arrivals copies on the shiny platter in the spotlight. Though I had w í stellingkast LL look at the cast-offs in the messy  -my eye it had not even managed.)  Star tribute: Merel Pink

Home I realized, and not just by the look of the Man of the House, that my purchase was pretty out of proportion. What could I do to make up for it? Before I understood, I bought two pairs of new boots. Now w é l from the messy shelving unit on sale. Even days later I felt

about this very content.

Let’s be honest. The true reason behind my purchases, of course, is that I wanted to save our country from destruction. I remember very well that in 2002 the then Minister Herman heinsbroek me via the tv an important economic lesson learned. He spoke the whole Dutch people but I felt personally addressed. The economy had to keep running and that could only if we ourselves would keep spending money. It was the first time that I can fathom the true underlying structures of the economy.

since then, the economy as a guide for all my purchases. No one in recent years found that so interesting, but now it’s suddenly horrible news! The current Minister is the important lesson, however, forgotten. Where he should say, ” We should all continue to buy, ” he says getting ” HELP! PANIC! AIR RAID SHELTER! ”

therefore. Red our homeland. Be a good patriot! Support your loved ones. Let the weak do not fall.

get up and buy!

and if your friend then in despair wondering what you in God’s name with purple half-height boots with strange fringes should, then cord it the mouth quite a feat of economic knowledge. It’s a bit of exercise, but after a few times you sound just as convincing as so-called experts at Nova and Pauw & Witteman.

 Star tribute: Merel Pink Merel pink (1975) is weblogger on and writer. Her first novel Fantastica appeared in 2006. At the end of 2008, she published her second novel the weekends were for her. called this novel throbbing and surprising.The weekends were for her Blackbird 95Uitgeverij 9063053428Prijs: 15, RozeISBN:

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