Interview: Writer Santa Montefiore.

the main character in the shadow of the palazzo is Luca Chancellor, who one day realizes that his life is empty: his marriage is over, he sees his two daughters hardly and are demanding job is not really satisfactory. Hoping to be able to give more meaning to his life, he leaves for Italy ë, to the lovingly renovated palazzo of his parents. But life on the sun-drenched coast of Amalfi is not as peaceful as Luca had expected. The palazzo is filled with his mother and friends with the eccentric minds from a troubled past. He meets a mysterious woman and a little boy that an incredible secret carries with it. As Luca a violent mystery begins to unravel, he is forced to face his greatest fear.Incantellaria the story takes place in Incantellaria, a fictional village in the Bay of Naples. Santa’s fifth book-Valentina’s last trip-plays also questioned in this mystical village. As you read further, as it were, where the story when ge ë is finished. ” At first, I was looking for a new place, but where should it be? I wanted to bring this place back to life and decided to use the magic of Incantellaria for this book. The first part of the name, Incanto, stands for charm. Pantelleria is an existing Italian island between Sicily and Tunisia ë ë. Both words have I merged, because I wanted the picture a charming and enchanting atmosphere. It is 20 years since the story of Valentina is happening, I get therefore characters back and let the story about the mystery of the palazzo move on.Driving atmosphere Santa sees her whole life spirits. This is the reason why they so badly wanted to write this book. ” I don’t believe people really die, but somewhere in another dimension, are still around us. I like other people to be able to help, by telling them about my experiences. This way I can have people who lost a loved one, a piece of hope. It is a book especially for parents who have lost their child. In England I am working on a organization dedicated to children with cancer. So I met many parents who lost their children to cancer or leukemia. I think when you lose a child, you want to know that this is not the end is. ” The little boy ” the book is dedicated to a little boy, he was the son of very good friends of mine. When he was five years old, was there with him, something not to operate brain stem cancer is. My good friend Sue is medium and helped him at the death process. They only had a picture, but could give him the rest he needed. Cure was impossible, but this way she could help him a bit. In the meantime I wrote my book, burned a candle and prayed for him. When I was in Portugal for a book presentation, let the father know that the little Louis died. Moments later, I got the question from Sue: or Louis had given up the fight. He appeared that morning for her while meditating. Then I Sue and the parents of Louis brought into contact with each other. They gave messages of the little boy. I can help them as girlfriend hard, I can’t feel better, I can not remove the pain. How much I would want. I wanted to give them something and dedicated the book to Louis. If you’ve lost someone, would you like that people not forget it. They want to talk about this person, yet they want to keep reminding themselves that person. And I found this a nice way to do that. ” When I am not in so a plush armchair had been sitting, I was sure my chair cases. I try to keep my jaws firmly on each other, afraid my lower jaw otherwise clatters to the ground. My nephew is last fall died. He also had brain stem cancer. Also he was (only) five years. He also fought against a disease that he could not win (over). The chills running down my spine. I get confirmation that my nephew is still somewhere around us-somewhere waiting for us-but a lot of love gives.Home ” As you die, the people you love to hold you and bring ‘ ‘ to take home. That is the reason why people on their deathbed may look suddenly so blissfully. For example, if a man sees his wife again, he is happy. Even if you’ve lost no one on earth that you have known, as a grandfather, you will find after you die you will get recognition when someone anyway. Life is a school and when you’re done, is the time to return home. ” Home, garden and kitchen spirits then tells Santa about her own experiences. ” Of course I see the spirits do not like in the book, in daylight and lifelike. I have the exaggerated, but this encouraged me to write the book. I see spirits at night, get up in the middle of the night, look around the room and see something moving. In my childhood I saw only shadows, I see them now much sharper. I see all spirits for as long as I can remember, as a result, there was nothing strange for me to. As a child I found it scary, but at the same time it was my reality. That is why I never spoke with anyone about it, not even with my parents. It was just something had happened to me. When I hit about ghosts as a teenager once in conversation with my father, I told him. ” Grandmother ” I have seen a number of times my deceased grandmother, but do not know how I can communicate with her. I would therefore like to wish to develop my gift further, so that I can do something with it. My grandma smiles at me and I feel the love, I like her than so eager to stick. Other minds fall do not bother me, they walk around in the room, as if I’m not there. I have no idea what they are doing there, ” she says with a smile. ” Maybe they are attached to that spot, they lived there or they find it there just fine. ” Method ” In some books I know exactly which way I go. In this case, I had only a few images for me. I knew how the story would end. I knew that-at some point in the book-my hero Luca the little boy sees, but assumes that his mother and widow mourns the loss of her husband. In addition I had the fragment in which the mother calls for help, and the boy drowns himself without that people hear him clearly in my head. I started writing and gave the story more and more form. When people ask where the book is about, it’s hard to answer them. It’s about spirits, but in what respect? But if you this tells you, it is the secret. ” Spirituality Before Santa was getting married, she has converted to Judaism. ” I wanted to raise my children with é é n religion, not rushing from church to synagogue. Faith is for me very important and this I try to transfer it to my children. I believe in God, but still have many unanswered questions. If my kids are older, they should of course know where they want to believe, in the meantime, we celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas. It does not matter if you are in our family now Christian or Jewish, you’re aiming for the same goal. ” In doing so, she did a statement in our society much more often to be heard: ” whether you’re a rose or a tulip, it doesn’t matter what flower you are, they look all ultimately to the same sun. ” Charley Foundation after print they me another in that my nephew is still around us. About us guards, us love gives. And I think that is a nice thought to shut down the conversation. The Dutch foundation dedicated to brain stem cancer is Charley Foundation. By voting on the website of the 3 m Foundation Fund, the chance of a ¤ amount of 50,000. A sum of money not only very very welcome, but also very much needed. Interview: writer Santa Montefiore. palazzoSanta Montefiore In the shadow of the

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