This tells your body about you!

according to researchers at Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine in Korea you can based on your height, shoe size and other physical characteristics see if you have increased risk of physical disorders. That reports Mail Online, the website of Daily Mail.

long?Women that are longer than 1 m 75 would have a greater chance of breast cancer. A statement that is given is that the hormones responsible for the length of women also an increase in the number of cause mammary gland tissue in the breasts. Most tumors in breast cancer emerged in this tissue so the more glands, the greater the possibility of cancer.

 This says your body about you! big feet?Women with big feet, and who as a child had a large trunk and broad shoulders, also have a greater chance of breast cancer, says a study at Bristol University. Large feet would be associated with greater intake of calorie ë n during infancy, which would increase the chances of this category cancer.

small?Mail Online reports about women nothing but smaller than 1 meter 70 men have a greater heart attack risk than longer men, according to a report from Harvard University. Men that are longer, would have no less than 35 percent less likely to get a heart attack. With every inch more would risk even more reduced.

would both small men and women a greater chance of colon cancer and high blood pressure.

Small koppie?If you have a small head, shorter legs and arms, then your chance of dementia greater than m  This says your body about you! ensen with average size.

short legs?Many women would do for a couple of long killerlegs a murder, just because they like that. But there is now apparently another advantage to a few long legs: a smaller risk of type 2 diabetes. Short-legged ladies have 20 percent greater chance of this disease.

long fingers?A relatively long ring finger would indicate an excess of the male hormone testosteren indicate when you were in your mother’s womb sat. A long ring finger would increase the risk of autism, ADHD and depression. Now we need to create extra pressure

? No, because how long, short, big or small you are, it seems that you always have a chance. The only thing that you can do yourself, is a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating, not smoking and not enough exercise, too much stress. Those legs are not longer!

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