Book: Menoblues

~ the good news is that we have to see today not with annoying hot flashes, night sweat parties, a dry vagina or painful joints. Pauline obot and Wilma Smit, two female gynecologists and experts, have their insights and knowledge bundled and the book Menoblues written. An empty book, with the latest facts and tips around the transition. With dietary advice and attention to all the pains that this stage in your life may pose. You get an explanation and answers to many questions: will I can or no hormones swallow to take away the greatest burden? What can I do about joint pain? Is there anything to do to my vaginal symptoms and is the fact that I have less meaning in lovemaking to the transition? And last but not least: why does my figure so? Also the experiences in this book come from well known women to bid. Among other things, Ans Markus Willeke Alberti and Carmen Pfaff do a booklet open about this phase in their life. Menopause is also packed full of recipes, because nutrition affect your complaints can be ï. Healthy life, not hesitate to request help from an expert when you have symptoms and well prepared to begin this new stage in your life. D á t is the message of the writers. Nowhere is there complicated or fraught done, about any subject. The book is neatly arranged into chapters, which are interspersed with life stories or columns. Menoblues is-other than the title might suggest-no sad lament. It is a book for women of this age, who are well informed the transition in ï want to go ó ge f all-important already and want to know what they can do to this phase as well as possible to get through. ~  book: MenobluesPauline obot ~ ~

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