Win: Revert Ladies-package!

the shop of Revert Ladies has opened its doors in October 2007. It’s ladies corner ‘ in the shop of big brother Revert was too small. That is why this aspect has been extended with a new building across the street. All snowboard for ladies are still in Revert to find. Revert Ladies selling streetwear, fashion, sneakers and accessories for ladies of all ages. Anyone can find here what, whether it’s a fat sneakers are   or a great dress! WIN: Revert Ladies-package!

What’s inside the Revert Ladies package? 2 x Lua Beach Hibiscus red worth 5.90 per stuk1x Lua Beach Frangipani Necklace red worth 7 901x, Dakine Prom Bag in brown/clubhouse plaid worth 59, 951x Dakine Accessory Case in brown/clubhouse plaid worth this fun of 8.95 Revert Ladies giving away! For your chance to win a package, you need to

the following question answered correctly.

 WIN: Revert Ladies-package! the contest runs until June 17, 2009. By participating in the giveaway, you automatically sign up for the weekly newsletter from

no sense to wait or you have won this   cool hip price? Take a quick look in the webstore!

var article_id = 1603; var question = ” In what city is the shop of Revert Ladies located? ” ; var answer1 = ” Rotterdam ” ; var answer2 = ” Haarlem ” ; var answer3 = ” Nijmegen ” ; var = answer4 ” Utrecht ” ;

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