Charlie from \ ‘ \ ‘ Lost live?

In a new promo of the ABC are Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie in the series Lost, and Courteney Cox (from the series Cougar Town) involved in a football game with Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and Ed O ‘ Neill (of the series Modern Family).

when arguments about a goal warns McDreamy Charlie with the words: ” You are so dead! ” , to which Charlie replies, ” Actually, I was. ”

Perez Hilton makes on his site from the word ‘ ‘ was that the chance that Charlie   pops up alive again in season 5 of Lost. A spokesman for the series did not want to respond to the

promo.é é

happy when one of our Lost-Heroes still stays alive? Welcome not too early, because the Lost-fansite reports that another main character totally unexpected Bob explains the upcoming season.

We will see … From 26 June in Netherlands we can discover what with Charlie happened.

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