DVD: ‘ the most beautiful memories of Anita Witzier ’.

Anita Witzier on the very first Memories-dvd: ” I am extremely pleased that we have finally bundled for you the most beautiful stories: stories that never will lose their luster and which are worth to continue to be told. Why? Because these stories about other people, but also about ourselves: passion, sorrow and desire are namely of all of us. ” On the 2-dvd contains twelve episodes and that gives you 3.5 hours viewing pleasure on. I think it is a pity that there were no further extra’s on it. I would have liked to have taken a look behind the scenes, a number of interviews to hear whether bloopers want to see. But no, none of this. There are some episodes on dvd, and we must do it. Each episode begins with a short introduction in which Anita talks about her own memories. They witnessed the intense joy at the first embrace since sometimes ten, twenty or fifty or sixty years, but they also saw that the reality could live up to the expectation that sometimes not in all these years was built. At this particular persons she recalls especially the unconditional passion, an impressive letter or the many intense emotions. A story that has touched me deep into the heart, is also the first episode on dvd: the story of Jael and Aloisy. A year after the war, Tony Brinkhaus to England. She has been working as an au-pair near a Polish soldiers camp and there she meets Aloisy Pool. Overwhelmed by her first acquaintance makes them along with the dear Aloisy big future plans. But her older sister throws a spanner in the works and Jony Aloisy feels compelled to leave behind. To dare to tell the truth without him, moving back to Netherlands. Then always regret its decision to continue to hold back then. I could after seeing this episode still restrain my tears n é t. Jony is an incredible Lady, which I had awarded all the luck in the world. Fortunately, the program can make her life a bit more beautiful. To my surprise, the tears at the remaining episodes road. That were not nearly as impressive as the story of Jael and Aloisy. What I really found interesting, was the short story at the end of an episode, in which you can read how the people now are faring. They have contact? They encounter a place can give? And how are they after this experience continued with life? On the dvd you will find an eclectic collection of people, very different in many ways, but with an agreement: they have ever tasted such of love that this was unforgettable. Dvd: & # 8216; the most beautiful memories of Anita Witzier & # 8217;. most beautiful Memories Of Anita Witzier

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