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your body and mind soothe really, did you need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night. The amount of sleep you need, differs from man to man. For example, your age also plays a role in your sleep requirement. The older you are, the less sleep you need. It is important to get enough sleep. Healthy sleep promotes your mood, energy level, creativity, health, thinking ability and much more. Bad and too little sleep creates in addition

for weight gain.

This we knew not to mention sleep  My sleeping position says I... something completely different than you need for sleep, your sleeping position. Everybody has a favorite attitude in bed: you sleep might be better on your stomach or on your side. Your favorite sleeping position tells a lot about your personality. And if you with its two ë n sleep, sleeping position you and your partner is a reflection of your relationship.

all sleeping postures on a rijFoetushouding: you lie on your side. If a fetus in the womb you trying huddled to protect your torso and face. Even if you come to others sometimes decisively over, from within you’re sensitive, shy and uncertain. For you is Luigi. Are you somewhere afraid of?

Semi-fetal: the most popular sleeping position, because about 50 percent of people in this way is sleeping. You lie on your side with your legs parts tot. This semi-fetal attitude offers warmth and protection, but at the same time also dexterity. This balance reflects your daily functioning. If this is your favorite attitude, then you’re probably balanced, confident, socially and emotionally stable.

 My sleeping position says I... Royal: Here you sleep on your back. Like real rugslaper are you sure, do you have a lot of confidence and strength of character. You accept what life brings you, is constantly open to receive

to give é n.

soldier: you sleep on the back with your arms at your sides. If this is your favorite sleeping position is, you’re probably quiet and reserved. You do not love puppet show and

sets high standards for yourself and others.

free fall: In this slaaphouding   are you sleeping on your stomach, with your arms on the pillow and your head sideways. If belly sleeper are you trying as much as possible to stay in touch with your environment and keep your companionship. Because of your lack of self confidence and nervousness have you liked the in control. This can lead to perfectionism and anxiety. You get criticism and would rather not have hate to extreme situations.

Starfish: you lie on your back with your arms on the pillow. This sleeping position indicates that you have an open view of the outside world. You have in your heart place for everyone and listens to people. You make easy friends but don’t want too much

of interest.

Wood block: you lie straight in bed: sideways with your arms at your sides. If you are as the easiest in sleep comes, then join you meet others uninhibited and fearless. You are like in company. Furthermore, are you trusting, giving you sometimes being scammed.

Hunkeraar: you sleep on your side with both arms forward. In your sleep if you want to grab something or someone, as it were. What is your desire? You are open to others, but can also be cynical and distrustful. You rarely come back on once taken decisions.

 My sleeping position says I... sleeping with your partner there are also several duo-sleeping postures: sleeping postures that takes you and your partner. What do the different attitudes about your relationship?

chain: this sleeping position is security and solidarity at the heart of your relationship. You focus on each other and are strongly emotionally connected.

Embrace: This includes the bodies targeted towards each other, giving you easy personal contact makes. The emotional intimacy is high in your relationship. You are know each other’s deepest secrets, trust each other and close.

Zenhouding (buttock to buttock): you are very aware of you that your partner is near. At the same time, you also have your own identity and guarantee your need for privacy. There is both independence as connectedness in your relationship. My sleeping position says I...

Support: one partner is on the back and supports the other being on its side. Your relationship is characterized by this nurturing, comforting attitude. This sleeping position gives a great confidence and deep involvement again.

Against Poland: you lie both in a totally different sleeping position. Your body language and personality are pretty different. You can cause much hassle clashing characters and different needs. If both of you a bit to admit, can you

complementary.How sleep

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