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Entre les Murs is based on the novel of the same name by Fran ois ç B é gaudeau. Former teacher, but now lead actor in the film adaptation of his book. Also the pupils are all amateur actors, who are coached by Director Cantet long-term. Both Fran ois ç if the pupils are acting under their own name. The film shows a year in the class of Fran ois ç, French teacher, who does not believe in the hard hand. Using jokes and a Socratic learning style, he tries to keep his students. Are fair questions lure razor-sharp reactions from which the viewer will put good thinking. There is ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ good or bad and from whose context you look then?  DVD: Entre les Murs

not just a French force of many French films, filmed without wanting to place into a box (not all Dutch films are of the caliber flodders in America), the effect of the rest. Not explain, explain or prejudice, but just and pure tones. Entre les Murs is a pretty long sit, without an all-too-powerful plot. This has the nice side effect that you all get a chance to let your mind go free. My mind frisk as well something like this: ” é é á, tw H dvd’s, fun: bonus material! Wow, what a beautiful case. And what a wonderful photo’s of the pupils, I’m already in love. Could this be something like Freedom Writers? PFF, what happens? ” Over time, the fog (read: your thoughts storm) on and creates space for more understandable ‘ ‘ Affairs: ” H á, Jeez, how striking! Ooh, that scheming and hassle in the teachers room, how painfully. ”

 DVD: Entre les Murs what can I expect?Flashbacks are piling up: there you are again, uncertain, unwilling, dreaming, full of ideals, and gatsie, w á t you become still bounded by those teachers. That eternal need to and then that body that all sides get along, let me alone! On the other hand, the powerlessness of teachers clearly visible and tangible. They want so badly to get more out of the young people and see sometimes opportunities where their pupils would not even dream of itself. Problems are not, however, always on the doorstep, ready to é ó f é n the other hand, to resign. A mother unexpectedly returned to the country of origin or arises suddenly the threat of a father that his son wants to return to Africa because of a brawl. Entre les Murs pinches, goes deep under your skin and keeps you one more time in your grip. When the movie is over, don’t you just quietly to your basket. The fate of these children, their future, the choices that teachers and parents take, calling the questions that this drama: get it out your head.

Entre les Murs is a powerful document that captures the spirit of the age, hard social criticism from the mouth of our youth ‘ ‘ shows and offers all the options for a lively discussion: young people have too little life experience to  DVD: Entre les Murs substantiate? How, what or why? Doesn’t their immaculate look pure observation possible? It’s good to you to realize that the movie part, though this is nowhere clearly visible, ge is ï mproviseerd. ConclusieEen

strong and quite realistic docu-drama that you think about your own standards and values. Play it again after several weeks off and view the story with completely different eyes. Just because you think that first still ” no, never! ” , but at the same time a little voice Whispers: ” Ooh, I want to help, the youth also provide handles, they learn something about the world where they have fallen into the apparatus. ” Time for a è reswitch carri?

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Entre les

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