Interview: Paolo Nutini!

Paolo Nutini

a few years ago was still an ordinary boy from the Scottish Paisley. Now he shares the stage with the idols where he used to beat that looked. ” It can be really weird walk in life, ” agrees Paolo. ” If you had asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to be, the answer was later fixed ‘ ‘ been footballer. I’ve always been crazy on that sport and keeper in a football team seemed to me when the most beautiful that I could imagine. ”

 Interview: Paolo Nutini! but life had other plans with the future of the Young Scot with the Italian roots, which except for football also had a great passion for music. ” But that was not é cht used to be seriously enough, ” he says immediately. ” Beyond singing in the school choir I came not. But was fun though, because I then got more attention than I could handle by the most beautiful girls from the school! ” laughs Paolo, who tells that the grandfather Nutini was that his great musical passion ever artistic impulses. ” He was crazy about boogie woogie, sang in a choir and he also very opera of the music from the 60 ‘s. Especially Motown-soul made an important part of his record collection. It is therefore not surprising that soul still the music that touches the deepest me, ” confirms Paolo, who regrets that his grandfather has never been able to see how his grandson followed his footsteps in the music. ” He would fix very very proud of what I have achieved now. The greatest desire of my nonno ‘ ‘ was always that someone of the family for the music would choose. Now if he would see how far I have fixed the kicked in his grave, he would smile, haha. ”

released his debut album These Streets After Paolo Nutini had scored a worldwide hit with New Shoes and entered his carri è re a treat. He didn’t have more in his father’s fish & chips-case to work and could deal must devote him/herself full-time to music. ” My life came rapidly. From one day to the next I was sitting at a party in honor of the most famous Scots to dine with the British Queen and I was just in the opening act for the Rolling Stones. They asked me just to take care of their program during their operations in Vienna. Then I knew not at all what I heard! And when I met them personally during the tour I was really dumbfounded. You expect that such famous people kapsones have from here to Tokyo, but the opposite is true. It is the most cool guests you can imagine! ”

 Interview: Paolo Nutini! Paolo Nutini enjoyed so make the most of the success that him when endured, but also discovered the downside of it. ” You will suddenly have lived and still little rest. I entered suddenly everywhere on and still had little time for myself. At one point I retired for a while to put everything on me in me to make it work. I also had time sucked up all the inspiration that I had in me to be able to work out. Finally there is the breeding ground for my new album Sunny Side Up

from arise. ”

That new album sounds very different from the predecessor: more bluesy and less poppy ‘ ‘, but also with many jazz, soul and blues influences. ” I am now 22 and am quite differently in life than when I made These Streets. At the time, I was still very uncertain and it was also on a personal level not quite tasty. Now I’m already a few years happy with my childhood sweetheart Terri. You can also clear sure your speakers are switched in the texts on my album. When I got to These Streets began, I had the idea that had to be cool and hip, or an album full of songs that would fit in the charts. When I started with Sunny Side Up, I wanted to create an album with the kind of songs that I like z é lf. Now it’s become a cd where everything on State: from jazz to soul and pop to rock. I have had a lot of fun creating it, especially since I could make music precisely where I wanted. It is a very relaxing album which I think there for everyone w á t is on. ”

 Interview: Paolo Nutini! Paolo hopes he may still enjoy the success that he has now. ” I would like to ó veral occur and my music with the people sharing. Because that is the most beautiful of the artist. ” Sunnyside UpPaolo

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