Micky hoogendijk candid

After twenty years of marriage went Patricia Paay and Adam Curry apart. Reason: Adam found a new love in the person of Micky hoogendijk. Grazia had an interview with them in which they openly talked about

the new situation.Micky

For that situation is quite tricky, ” but I’m just very in love. Of course there is a guilt, but on the other hand I see how happy he is and how Adam radiates and blossoms at me. I do not sorry for saying? ”

the relationship with Christina, the daughter of Patricia and Adam best, do not compress the bitten dog, ” I want to be, that is not the point. If I was my father’s new girlfriend Christina and in this way was also introduced, I would think ge ï: what a service engineer, flicker on. Sure. Not only that image is true, the facts are different. We hope very much that there is just an opening between Adam and Christina. ”

the sheets talk extensively about the desire to have children that Micky has for quite some time. Of course, is speculation that the two directly a love baby want. ” There is called that I very quickly a marriage and a baby wants. But a new pregnancy I find a very personal topic. I have two children lost, so that is quite sensitive. I get best given my age that people start talking about it, but I also hear sounds of: Lets get her pregnant, then they’m or something. But I am not at all working on it. I want to get to know him. ”

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