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About her sister (top model Karen Mulder, ed.) talk they don’t like. In the shade of a celebrity is never easy, especially if you have enough ambition and talent. As an actress, hammered Saskia Mulder to the road and with success: among other things a role in the British thriller The Descent is on her CV. they can also Write: the recently released Alex’s been

her second novel.

Although Saskia indicates that her books are fiction, you can not but there-having regard to her personal situation with a ‘ famous sister ‘-light autobiographical traits in again. Saskia tells the story of Emma and  Saskia Mulder-Alex Alex, the two main characters in the book, far removed from the relationship between herself and Karen. Yet she has written it for themselves, to things from the past to give a   place. In addition, they   enough of the question: how the heck to ‘ ‘ to be the little sister of Saskia gives With Alex? for answer once and for all; the book is with a wink dedicated to

For ‘ ‘ fellow sufferers: the brother of Brad Pitt, the girlfriend of George Clooney, the neighbor of Madonna, the grandchildren of Marlon Brando, the dog of Jennifer Aniston, the daughter of Sophia Loren, the entire Spears family and above all:

for my parents.

The verhaalAlex and Emma are sisters and thick girl friends. Very different in appearance and character, but in spite of this, two hands on é n é belly. Emma is very musical, her talent is on her fifth all the way up. She develops a great love and passion for the violin and works hard. Unfortunately, the life of a violinist not easy and a carri è re difficult to get off the ground. However, Emma is always supported by her parents and sister Alex. The entire family revolves around

the youngest Member’s musical talent.However, shifted the focus of the

family as Alex enter a talent show on TV and this actually WINS. The girl stands, just like her parents, fully in the spotlight and her life is a series of adventure and hectic. Her star status to unknown heights rice at a pace that is almost not to keep falling. The necessary fans and the mountains of money that all this entails, make for hilarious situations. But even more, and that is what this is really about, nasty business. Alex becomes alienated from reality, can no longer discern what normal is and behaves impossible. As a result, she also still further away from her little sister Emma.

And?Alex reads from the beginning get away. A nice language and engaging story lines make sure you this book won’t soon put it down. The two characters of Emma and Alex are well worked out and it is nice to see  Saskia Mulder-Alex how such different girls so incredibly

are bonded together.of course the girls are above all

next to girlfriends sisters, making them seem to pick up more from each other than girl friends maybe would have done. Especially Emma Gets the hard time as Alex as a rising star in the air shooting and both her legs no longer gets put on the ground. The blood band is apparently very strong, how big is the gap between the two also


With secretly occasionally Saskia and her sister Karen in the head, you’ll fly quickly through this book back. Emotions such as compassion, surprise, happiness and Endearment alternate which continues to fascinate the book

to the end.95Uitgeverij

AlexSaskia MulderISBN 9022551946Prijs: 18,


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