10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home

Your courtship is just out and all your girl friends have already booked their trip for the summer holidays. Whether you need just a new friend, but his holiday destination is already more than half a year. Maybe you just don’t have money for an expensive holiday. Can all be so, but that does not mean that   the zomergevoel   to you passes this year. We help you to also feel that wonderful holiday as stay-at-home experienced:

  ten summer tips in a row! 

1) Barbecue in the park at homerock on your fellow Drum for a barbecue in the park. Sure, in the back yard can also and is often much more practical, but in the park are you there anyway as more than directly behind your own casa.

 10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home 2) bare feet!The ultimate holiday feeling on the editors here was oddly enough been associated with feet. Bare feet that is: with your bare feet in the grass or a babbling brook, the warm sand … Apparently does the liberation of those ten toes from our stifling footwear us well. The Bare feet ‘ path is therefore the ideal getaway to achieve the ultimate holiday feeling! Click below to find your region’s bare feet ‘ path!Groningen/ë

Gelderland Belgium 3 Friesland Limburg white beer & vodka) Netherlands it is regularly limeOok in sunny enough to a terrace to unwind. Celebrate summer with a vodka lime, ros é beer or cool white beer with lemon. Oh, and don’t forget your big sunglasses


4) Cruising in a convertible  cabrio_150 .jpeg holiday feeling 10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home site, as soon as the weather is nice, a day a convertible and cruise to a few of the beautiful places that our country is rich: just a drink on the beach, a short stroll on the Veluwe and in the evening on the terrace of a restaurant in an unfamiliar place to eat. Back in time? Rent than an old-fashioned Beetle cabriolet via kevertehuur.nl. Hair loose and go!

 festivalbier_150 .jpeg holiday feeling 10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home 5) Festival Feeling!Visit as many festivals. What zomerser than watery beer from plastic cups? Nice free festivals include Parkpop in the Hague (with, among others, Milow, Boris, Guus Meeuwis, Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE and the State), the Maasboulevard Festival in Schiedam (with Osdorp Posse, Lo ï s Lane, Nikki and Def p.) and Citydance Heerlen (with Benny Rodrigues, DJ Chuckie and Dennis van der Geest). Look for a full review on www.festivalinfo.nl!

6) the water on!What is a summer without water? Rent a boat and spend a day sailing. Choose a soothing whisper boat or are you going for speed?

7) garden party Organize a garden party with a summer theme. Insert yourself in a cheerful summer outfit, dress your garden or roof terrace with (fake) flowers and coloured lights and don’t forget the romantic fire pits not! Who needs to travel anyway?!

 beachvolley_150 .jpeg holiday feeling 10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home 8) Summers sporting: beach volley!Browse the internet and give you together with friends for a beach volley tournament. Ideally, of course, alone on a real Beach, but in the absence of good weather, you can also search for an indoor beach resort as The Sand of The Beach   in Amsterdam in Aalsmeer. Also for indoor beach party’s  

! 9) a refreshing swim under swaying Palms  zwemparadijs_150 .jpeg holiday feeling 10 x the ultimate holiday feeling at home you don’t really need to travel far for swaying palms and clear blue water. Find a beautiful subtropical swimming paradise and go there enjoy a day bathing, Bob and the large VFX on all existing slides out there! waterijsjes

10) Lemonade & bar!Armed with a can of lemonade and a good book on your balcony in the Sun hang, with a stock Rod waterijsjes in the freezer. What gives you the ultimate holiday feeling


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