TomTom for women!

If you see the new TomTom White Pearl, you know why this gadget especially for us. And no, that’s really not because the route description simplified is whether there is a personal parking control on ge ï is installed. TomTom knows that we women are sensitive to feminine design and ornate details at gadgets. Fortunately, they also know that not all women go drool à the color pink. And so has this TomTom a subtle, White Pearl and is wrapped in a silk pouch. Hebberiger

ò g n so that we are.

Except in design of the standard also differentiates this TomTom TomTom ONE IQ Route-Edition through the addition of a number of category n ë points of interest (POI). For example, with ” Places to be seen ” , ” Shop ‘ til you drop ” and ” Everyday fashion ” brings the White Pearl to the best places, from shops to restaurants, from  TomTom for women! clubs to caf é s. indeed very useful!   the device also features the usual navigation properties and basic characteristics. So-ie   easy to use, equipped with Map Share technology and it has a fine Help me!-menu. It is also equipped with a full range of TomTom’s IQ Routes technology, which automatically builds the most reliable travel and arrival times shown on your device, and advanced lane guidance, so you will always know what roadway they should take if they on complicated roads. (And we want our own kind not lose weight, but this is for many of us, yet best useful …)

Have? This special edition is from mid-June in just a number of selected shops sold, including Dixons and WLS ABC 7. The price is 199 euro.

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