Lieke & Mark apart


and Mark met on the set of GTST, where they worked together for quite some time. When Ants relationship with Jeroen rietbergen stranded at the end of 2007 and her ex ran off with Linda de Mol, she found solace and distraction at Mark. After a few dates that he surely figured out they

was fun.

Although the break already so ‘ n two or three weeks ago, the two still work together on the set of most popular Dutch soap opera. Christophe Haddad (Nick Sanders) told RTL Boulevard that Lamb is very professional and there should be noted nothing at work. Sam and Mark have, fortunately, not argue. ” That should also called, because they see each other every day on the set. ”

they have also collaborated with the exception of GTST

for the animated film Monsters vs. Aliens, for which they both voices inspraken, and they traveled for charity off to Tanzania. one reason for the rupture is not known (yet).

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