Cristiano Ronaldo laughed at

the footballer has a low opinion of themselves. So pretend the best dressed player by his club Manchester United. Comedian Alan Carr is the clearly disagree. After Cristiano once before was laughed at for his shaved legs and tight trousers, Alan left the flower from: ” come on Ronaldo, so even allows you to Elton John scare! ”

the 24-year-old Portuguese player withdraws nothing like to. So he reports to the British newspaper The Sun: ” Is there something wrong with me? I don’t think so. See everyone in Los Angeles there is always so extreme from. I’m going to at least not with the mass with it. ”

he goes on: ” now make people worried about, the flower behind my ear. I understand nothing of it. I accept my female sides, so I find it no problem in order to walk. Besides, many men nowadays wear pink clothing. I admit it: not all guys stop a flower behind their ear. But I like to see just a little bit different there. ”

click here for the cute picture …:)

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