Grab your rest with \ ‘ \ ‘ Flow

” the most beautiful things arise as you dare to follow your feelings. ” With this rule are Astrid van der Hulst and Irene Smit the sheet started. Both ran with the feeling around that it was time for something different. They have a lifestyle-magazine made in which the right is not about trends, but in which it revolves around you, the reader.

the formula of Flow is different. It is a positive sheet that gives you rest and in which it comes to new ways of life. It is mainly about ‘ ‘ yourself. Not only the formula, but also the shape of the leaf is different. There is in the magazine used various kinds of paper, which makes browsing very nice!

Flow is the right magazine to with a good cup of tea and a biscuit to read. In the minimum 148 page’s read up on five recurring theme ‘ s:Feel connection: Intimate, poignant stories about family, friends, family and the world. Stories you think.

S grab your rest with  '  ' poil yourself: In this topic you read about your beautiful stuff to pamper yourself with it. Happy goodies that often

can be ordered via the internet.

Live mindfully: you are often not aware of, but can your life be otherwise? You’ll see, that can …

Simplify your life: a practical

theme. Make your life simpler with practical solutions and useful tips.

Easy reading: In each number shows a Flow-mini book, which differs per Edition. The one time this is a short story, other times a DIY Book for adults that you can paste, cut, puzzling and old-fashioned filling!

every two months you can get away from the hustle and bustle and saggy on the couch reading Flow. What makes the blade extra fun is that in each number m é r é State than just articles. So sat there in the first issue to old-fashioned stationery, to write a letter. There were also fill page’s in, so you could write down and organize your thoughts. Further they gave recipes cards away and with every edition is so the Flow-mini book. In the second number, there were handy removable cleaning cards and to-do lists to put everything back one by one to get. As Flow sheet is actually also says, ” a bit of a cut-tear-and-do-book ” .

 grab your rest with  '  ' Flow is not only a sheet with real content, it is also pretty to look at. The leaf makes you happy, puts a big smile on your face several times and is all to yourself. Highly recommended if you want to me-time anything!

are you curious? Take a look and browse online by (part of) Flow. would you like to give to your life Flow? Now take than a trial with 28% discount or give it as a gift to a girlfriend on this site.Flow is a publication of Sanoma Uitgevers B.V. for more information Check Single number: 6.95

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