Get in shape for the tv!

 Get in shape for the tv! you no longer need to go to the gym for a good workout. Among other things, personal trainer Carlos Lens of Anouk, Linda de Mol and Bridget Maasland, will give you a total workout every working day since Monday, June 8 in the NET5 program Move That Body.

his tv training last a half an hour and consist of a warm-up, exercises for the lower body exercises for the upper body, followed by a few minutes of cardio, total workout a ‘ ‘ and a

cooling down.

We have the first training from Monday tried out here, and if you really tasty spicy take part in elections, is it really a full half hour sports! My BBB-lessons at the gym are not much different. Of course, this difference, however, is that   is pretty cheap, é daily broadcast on weekdays is n which is also very relaxed is: all workouts you can look back on the net!  Get in shape for the tv! Tip: buy a resistance band or weights to your workout to make still more complete! No excuse to remain silent are so! Get up and Move That Body!

Move That Body is the next three months every working day at 7: 30 p.m. broadcast and repeated at 9: 00 am on NET5.

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