Interview: Writer Sadia Shepard.

for centuries Women tell stories

I meet Sadia on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in a beautiful hotel on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. A young happy woman, who clearly are in for the interview. Sadia is a film maker and now also author. Meanwhile, her trip to India-which lasted more than a year-again three years ago. She went to India to find answers. She discovered after the death of her grandmother, a very important person in her life, that she was a descendant of ancient Jewish people. ” My grandmother always told wonderful stories about her life in India and even though I had they heard, over and over again a hundred times I asked her to tell them again. It has always been the primal power of the woman: the story-telling. They do it on the street, at the bakery, on the phone … women tell stories. I wanted to discover the India of my grandmother and her stories themselves experience. I found it very confusing that I have never known that she actually was Jewish and her husband has become Muslim. ” From the book it appears that Sadia has learned a lot about himself during her trip n é about her family. ” When I returned, I knew that I had learned a lot, but also that I had to give everything a place. My friends were all continued with their lives, were married or had a child got. In addition, the world was fundamentally changed. I left two days after the attacks on the Twin Towers and I spent the whole change vis-à-vis Muslims and terrorists in New York not inherited. I have quite a lot of thought into everything I experienced. So I came also on the idea of putting my book to write. I had a diary in India and to be able to give everything a place, I have read this over and over again and even more worked out. I was still scanning and this way I found answers. But also new questions. The trip actually existed in two parts: the first part was the trip itself and the second part was working out of my experiences. ” Islam is more progressive than most people think anywhere in the world wars are currently being fought for various religions. Sadia has ë n all use up close and idea of three major world religions can experience. ” There are many similarities in Christianity, islam and the Jewishness. Ultimately, the base is the same. Everyone, whatever they believe, try to be a good and peaceful life to suffer. One is looking for leadership, they don’t just want life and seek support in a higher power. I think the difference is in the way of perception of the confession of faith. And where you are coming from. For example, very different from a Western Muslim is a Muslim from India, which in turn is different from a Muslim from the Interior of Africa. In addition, I also think that the political faith as you finish making all the problems Trump gets. But I’m not a theologian, so I’m actually not the best person to explain to you the differences and similarities. I’m telling you now only as I see it. ” For example, but also ignorance about islam is a major culprit. ” What many people do not know is that islam is actually much more progressive, then for example Christianity or Judaism. Because the role of women in islam is very important. So was the wife of Mohammed older than he é n a businesswoman. I think that is a pity, that many people do not. ” I have the best of three worlds plain language of Sadia. Also in her book she is very honest about everything she has made and what they discovered about herself n her family é. She spares no one. ” I wrote the book and have read it to my parents. I was afraid of their reaction, but my mother’s first reaction was about the spelling errors and my language. She was totally not shocked or something. There are a number of family members who have had a hard time, for example, an uncle of mine from Pakistan. But he called me and told me that he realized that I told my story and that he blamed me nothing. ” Sadia went to India to get answers about her faith, they went away with the idea that they would know if they return a muslimah, a Christian or a Jew is. ” But it was all so confusing, I came back and I had the ultimate answer yet. I had to take a decision myself, but I couldn’t. That is why my book also an open end: I have finally decided to g é n é decision. I have the best of three worlds, I take what I need, I celebrate the feasts and am very traditional set. I feel very connected to all three religions. I do not choose my parents also, at our home all roads lead to God. It comes down to what you need in your life and how you attitude. We are naturally curious, questions remain. I want to continue to do so and for me that trip will never end. So I choose to stay connected with all three. I have a huge opportunity to learn and discover the ins and outs and I am incredibly grateful for. ” An inspiring conversation with an inspiring woman. I can not resist to ask to sign my book to Sadia. As I later read what she wrote, I’m glad I did it:

For Marlies, a story of family-and of the great tradition of woman’s storytelling! With thanks and warmest wishes, Sadia Shepard

 Interview: writer Sadia Shepard. fresh girl. Shepard

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