Book: Tips for reading on the sand.

~ ~ 1. The Dirty Secrets Club-Meg Gardiner after a wild Chase, the police of San Francisco behind the wheel of a crashed BMW a confessed to: death. It is the young, ambitious Prosecutor, Callie Harding. On her thigh with lipstick: DIRTY. Harding is the third victim in a series of bizarre accidents take place in San Francisco that every 48 hours. To avoid a fourth fatality, police calls in the help of freelance forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett. Her work is not to find out how the murders were committed, but why. As Jo discovered that all the victims were members of the same club, will also get a call they do: ‘ you have your man murdered. Welcome to the Dirty Secrets Club. ‘ a super exciting book, to feast. You forget everything around you if you this heart-stopping story reads. Also read? Find out how you can create opportunity on this book.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. the Dirty Secrets ClubMeg Gardiner ~

2. The Angel’s game-Carlos Ruis Zafon Also so enjoyed the shadow of the wind? And could you not wait for his latest book would come out? Fortunately, Carlos well written through and we can all enjoy this summer of his latest masterpiece. The first thing you notice about this book is that he incredibly thick. Personally I am a great believer in thick books: there do you last longer. In the turbulent 1920s Barcelona Gets the young bread writer David Mart í n, obsessed with an impossible love, the offer of a mysterious Publisher to write a book such as never written, a book that will change the world. To do this, however, is the toll that David has to pay sky high. David, his father brutally murdered his mother, no more than a shadow on distance, touch as a child involved in the cemetery of forgotten books. There he encounters on the sinister, religious book Lux Aeterna, appeared at the Parisian Publisher Andreas Corelli – Davids client – and written by one Diego Marlasca. David’s House with the Tower once belonged to this unfortunate lawyer, wholly devoted to writing, until he was killed under murky circumstances at home. Soon there appear to exist than more parallels between himself and David could surmise Marlasca. Another Pearl of the hand of Zafon. This man is gifted with a talent to tell stories on so ‘ n way that you forget the world around you.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. engelCarlos Ruiz Zafon game ~

3. The Medici Seal-Theresa Breslin a book that can compete with greats as the Da Vinci Code. In the Medici Seal we are introduced to the young Matteo. While on the run from an assassin, he is included in the company of the great Leonardo da Vinci. Soon he helps the Maestro in all aspects of his work. He visits the courts of the Medici and Borgia’s. But what did he hide? He carries with him a secret where the cruel Medici and Borgia’s a murder for would do. Be careful of the voltage drops not by your Sun bed!

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. The Medici zegelBreslin, T & Theresa Breslin ~

4. Recipes for Angels-Babs Horton the find of a two hundred year old Italian Cookbook sheds new light on the events in an English town by the sea. Catrin Grieve is as a teenager by her mother before the summer holidays in a hotel runnenin Kilvenny sent her two oudtantes, on the coast of Wales. Unsuspectingly comes soon, but calls her strange Catrin there to sleepover questions on which no one can answer. E é n of the aunts shows for years to be dead. Escape from your own reality and get dragged to a story for intrigue, mysteries, but above all: romance. You can spend your time better.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. recipes for Angels-~

5. The snake pit-Ariana Franklin after solving a grisly infanticide may Adelia Aguilar to her disappointment not return to the medical school in Salerno. Her unusual skills as Medic kill ‘ ‘ are again used as Queen Eleanor is accused of poisoning Rosamund Clifford, the ma î tresse of King Henry II. While the Court in turmoil is in the freezing winter cold, Adelia travels to the tower where the body of Rosamund is located. They must discover who Rosamund has poisoned before a devastating civil war tears apart the country. No book to read at night in your bed. Care for those around you if you spend too much feels sympathy!

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. SlangenkuilFranklin, a. ~

6. The company of liars-Karen Maitland Middle a man falls down on a market square. The people around him scare back if they see his mutilation. What they believed impossible happened: the plague is come to England. The townspeople get caught up in panic and flee away. Nine people are condemned to each other during the flight. The stories they tell are unreliable, the only one who seems to speak the truth is the child Narigorm, but its horrific predictions keep everyone at Bay. In the meantime jerks the plague from all sides on. the fear and distrust are large and the mutual relationships are grimmer still when one of them is found dead. Also in their midst is evil? Also on this book you can win! Please continue reading to see how you can win this book.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. the company of leugenaarsMaitland, k. ~

7. A rebellious girl-Ru s. Freeman Latha feels down that they more than a maid, that she is entitled to sophisticated things like lime lemonade and roses SOAP – that she steals when no one is looking. She dreams of new shoes, all by herself. But her life is determined by the Vithanages, the family that took her as a servant in the House when she was five years old. The humiliating way put Mrs Vithanage Latha on her as she asks, does something to her salary in her pop. Biso is a young, desperate mother who flees with her three children by her husband. But on the way to her family, looking for a new life, she finds unexpected setbacks on its path. Biso and Latha are at a crossroads, and they do not know what impact their choices will have. Not only for himself, but also for each other and for the people around them … a rebellious girl is a touching and penetrating portrait of two proud women against the background of the Sri Lankan society, in which are class differences become overwhelming.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. a rebellious meidRu s. Freeman ~

8. The alchemist of Venice ë-Elle Newmark In the Venice ë of 1498 hive in city and beyond of the rumors about an old and mysterious book that an unimaginably powerful influence. There would be recipes in stand for, among other things, gold, immortality and eternal love. Everyone, rich and poor, whispers and dreams about it. In these troubled times, at the threshold of the renaissance, grows the orphan Luciano on street on. He is referred to by the chef of the Palace kitchen caught when stealing a pomegranate. The Cook takes care of the boy and offers him shelter and food to, in Exchange for help in the kitchen. Luciano comes in an all-new, aromatic and enticing world of strange herbs, a wealth of food and the secrets of the chef. His loyalty to his Street friends, his love of a convent girl and the mysterious recipes of his master, evoking encouraging him on that in him also desires to look for the book. He turns out to be closer to the truth than he thought possible… The book keeps you from start to finish in his ban. The only downside is maybe you just forget that you are on holiday and you’d have to enjoy the surroundings.

~ ~  book: Tips for reading on the sand. The alchemist of VenetieNewmark, e. ~

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