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Nivea cr skin is a drama. Dry areas, greasy spots, red spots … argh! That is why I have already tried a lot of cr è knife, I let myself ever even be tempted into buying a tube of 80 euros by a  my fav beauty stuff: Marieke beautician was recommended. None of this helped. I have now given up the fight and lubricating my face daily in with the good old ‘ blue pot thick, greasy cr è me of Nivea which ensures that I don’t have to make me all day no worries to my face. In addition, it is perfect for

under my makeup.

 my fav beauty stuff: Marieke Rituals hair mask thanks to our writer Yvonne I have the hair mask of Rituals discovered. My hair has become very long (after years patiently saving!) and so it must be well cared for. Occasionally the dots off it at the hairdresser and greasing them with fine shampoos and cr è knife. The hair mask ‘ ‘ It’s a wrap of Rituals smells lovely and makes your hair really super soft!

Maybelline Volum ‘ Express turbo boost mascara (waterproof) I’m a nitpicker when it comes to my lashes. I want both full and long eyelashes which are not together paste, so also may the whole ar  my fav beauty stuff: Marieke senaal to mascara’s I already tried them. Always I come back to this variant of Maybelline. He lubricates easy, nice thick, is has a brush with many hairs causing my lashes full come out to see and you don’t have but one or two layers of é to use é for a nice result. However, I always use the waterproof version because I don’t like panda-effects in the rain or during sports …:)

The Body Shop Loose Face PowderNa with a camouflage stick in the weather and to a thin layer of foundation  my fav beauty stuff: Marieke have lubricated, deck I finish it with a loose powder so that everything stays in place all day kinda neat. Because I want to see doesn’t look like I have a thick layer of makeup wearing, I use the powder of The Body Shop. He is very light and soft, but gives just that uniform layer of and healthy Tan what your base makeup finish. Super fine


Vaseline Lip TherapyDe lip lubrication throughout the day I stuff. That ranges from sticks and pots to tubes and tassels, and this from all kinds of different brands. In each bag and jacket I have at least two lip balms and yet I buy new. My already  my fav beauty stuff: Marieke l time favorite on lipgebied, however, is the ordinary blue/white jar of Vaseline. He smells neutral, lubricates very easy, is nice and soft (but not t é) and makes your lips very smoothly. The only downside is that ie not long stays in place, whereby you keep smearing. But oh well, I think that is just fine, so this Vicky is a keeper!I’ll give this stick at them on to my colleague Jo-Anne! She is so next time turn to us her fav products.

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