Interview: Kim Staelens!

after three years along with all the internationals to have all time and energy put into the Dutch project team/Martinus, that qualification for the Olympic Games had to be enforced, there was great sorrow when this was not achieved. ” That feeling is indescribable. Three years for nothing! You feel many things and there goes everything through your head. But it is now becoming clearer: it was é cht the right choice. We have made every effort, ” said

spelverdeelster Kim Staelens (27).

elite trainer Avital Selinger took out all Dutch internationals to Amstelveen, to there under the flag of club DELA Martinus to train intensively with each other, to play matches in the Dutch League and especially optimal attuned to hit, so as a ticket to the 2008 Olympic Games to win. Despite that great foreign è lonkten carri, the girls all there for res. Unfortunately in vain, the effort turned out to be for nothing. A dream were dashed. Kim: ” the people in Netherlands were all so against the plan. Also because we, with all internationals together in é n é team, with force majeure champion were of course. Constantly we thought: those people in Netherlands (our own people!) will now be laughing! We wondered if we had made the right choice. ”

On ë to Italy When the end of the Martinus-adventure, the team fell apart. Also Kim departed from Amstelveen and sought her salvation in the volleyball country par excellence: Italian ë. ” I play now at Perugia, they came with the best offer. ë Italy is a beautiful country, with its many old buildings and cities and the beautiful countryside. In the beginning I had to here very used to the mentality, which is very different from in Netherlands, but it’s doable. Also the language you learn very quickly. Sometimes I make mistakes and I still don’t know all the words, but that is fine. I miss my family and friend very. ”

 Interview: Kim Staelens! friend Mark, with whom Kim already 9.5 years together is, remained behind in Netherlands when they wanted higher up. ” He agreed with my choice, but is indeed not gone along. He has a job in Netherlands and also plays volleyball, so he has it pretty busy there. I miss him. ” Fortunately, there are volleyball girlfriends who also in the land of pizza and pasta’s are going to play, with which Kim still regularly handles and arrangement. ” Janneke van Tienen plays with me in the team and Manon Flier and every Wine I speak further courts also often. ”

ë to NederlandKim

of Belgium and her sister Cha ï ne (also starting in 1988, ed.) are originally from Belgium ë. There they were selected and their volleybalcarri è re began for the Belgian national youth teams. It soon became apparent, however, that the sisters had to be ë in Belgium not to want to achieve something in volleyball. By the many foreigners in the League, they got there no chance to break through. Cha ï ne left for Netherlands and Kim followed soon. ” ë They wanted to make me any better in Belgium, I kept getting told that I won’t be chasing my sister would go ‘. I had so little to search there. ”

MOM and dad have always supported their daughters therein Sakala. With their own professional volleyball careers in mind, they even moved to Netherlands to Kim and Cha ï ne to give all opportunities they needed. ” My parents knew everything from top sport off so they could accompany us perfectly. They made sure that we could combine well with our school sport by us to a special LOOT-school to let go. This is a school where you as sport talent education and sport can develop together, right from the first year of secondary school. Then they did everything to make sure that we came to where we are. But the most important thing is that they all agree with these choices to us. They have never forced us to do something where we were not behind. ”

Kim has it is always important to found next to the volleyball also with training to be busy. ” I have completed my HIGH SCHOOL and then go play volleyball. I have done a course in nutrition in the LOI and am now working on a study beautician. ”


overseas and Netherlands Kim played first at Baker VVC and then two years at Weert, becoming the double (League title and Cup, red.) won. She continued her career in France and played on è re after a number of successful years at Muenster in Germany. Then the unthinkable happened: a heavy injury to her knee, giving them a year and a half there was out. ” I am now a total operated on four times. There are many moments that were difficult. But ultimately it is the love for the game too big to give it up. If it really is too painful, then it goes from there also fun. At the moment it is still fine, so we go merrily! ”

 Interview: Kim Staelens! I question Kim or they, like I, the spelverdelerspositie the most beautiful of the volleyball game finds. To my surprise she says no! ” I think it’s not the most beautiful, the most difficult position. I like it because you control how the game runs. But if I use any other position could and may choose, I would want to be passer/runner. Especially because I used, with two healthy knee ë n, best easy jumped and I have a lot of power. ”


The height of her successful career, calls Kim winning the World Grand Prix in 2007 with the national team. The ladies made at that time for a huge surprise by this prestigious tournament on their name to write. During the final week were top teams as Brazil, Italy and Russia ë ë by our girls reports. Indeed a beautiful highlight!

Kim has achieved almost everything where young volleyball talents of dreams. National Championships, cups, national teams, adventures across the border … And she has still feeling: ” I keep so long continue volleyball until I’m tired. I would particularly like to still have fun and experience with the Dutch team still beautiful things. Maybe the 2012 Olympics? We go there at least for

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