Herring: the facts

Hollandse Nieuwe

is not at all new! The herring in winter, a very sober existence leads . He eats not and an enlarged spleen, inflammation until spring comes. As soon as the days get longer and warmer, the water begins to grow plankton. The herring then goes into large schools looking for his favorite foods literally from the beginning of april to mid May to smooth like butter to eat


where they had first hardly fat, their fat content in short time grows to over 20%! That amount of fat they desperately need to during the summer and autumn hom and calf production. But before that, a part of that full-fat Matic (buddy comes from ‘ ‘ Virgin, the herring has not made hom and calf formed) caught between mid-May and mid-July. Hollandse Nieuwe has been so non-is-young herring, but herring which are, so to speak,

‘ renewed ‘ has.

 herring: the facts So do you recognize a good Dutch New herring should be fairly blank flesh, a fresh, salty odour and also possess a salty, creamy taste. That creamy is related to fat content, which should be around 20%. The meat should be tender, but firm! each year, the haringraceElk

: Vlaggetjesdag years old is the herring race off, the battle for as a fisherman the first vessels to deliver New Holland on Dutch soil. The very first keg is auctioned this year was that   directly on June 9.   The-not inconsiderable-proceeds, this time 66,000 euros,   is mostly benefit a charity. Vlaggetjesdag, a large public event, always takes place on the first Saturday after this auction. This year will be on 13 June. The name comes from the flags that decorated the ships used were

.ask the fishmonger á rom

D á: ” Outing there? ” As the herring used to salt the fish first, the trader was dunked in milk. To the original taste in  herring: the facts ug was a trip to get attached. This stopgap measure has remained, but the opinions are divided or a getaway there still belongs to.

Delicacy in northern Sweden: decaying herring not only we love herring. The favorite Matic in Germany is usually bigger, tougher and saltier. The fish is first in the marinade. In northern Sweden, the herring for consumption along with some herbs for a while in a ton of rot. The stench that then arises is rather violently. Some restaurants refuse to serve in the Court. The fish, sur-str ö mming (acid Baltic herring), is eaten with bread and potatoes.The water you’re already in the mouth? Then order a tasty harinkje online quickly and let him t  herring: the facts huisbezorgen!-Yes, really! And now here!Would you like to be anything other than that afhappen traditional herring with onions over your head? Surf to Smulweb.nl for the ten most delicious herring recipes!Source:


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