What’s your dream (job)?

everyone has dreams. This enables small dreams, but of course also very big dreams. About your life, your ambitions, ideals and of course your future. No one can without dreams, they are the fuel of our lives. So why should we pay more attention to what   there or not? We are all day but at the run and fly and sometimes forget what it’s really about …

are you going to meet again on Monday morning a boring day? Bale you that the weekend is over? Remains that one dream hang? Do something with it! Everyone should be at least     é é n times in his or her life should do something else. Just changing course! If only for   a day; we dare you dream  what's your dream (job)?

rkelijkheid it!

EverydayFriday.nl is an organization that makes work of dream jobs. Of YOUR DREAM JOB that is!   you choose your dream job and along with a very passionate dream job-mentor you go this day experience. Your mentor is an expert on your chosen area of work by   and you will experience everything what has to do with your dream job.

where do you choose?On the site there are already plenty of dream courses to choose from. A short selection from the possibilities:

-chef-entertainer-fashion designer (new!!)-film producer-photographer-interior designer-Writer/Editor-shoe designer-singer/songwriter-stand-up comedian

 what's your dream (job)? EverydayFridayDe name EverydayFriday name arose from the fact that ‘ ‘ Friday by many people is called as their most favorite working day of the week. And give them a wrong! The prospect of the weekend just makes us happy! It is particularly exciting to many people the feeling that a Friday, that in the concept of EverydayFriday is processed.

imagine that every working day would feel like a Friday! So stop dreaming, put a cup of coffee or tea and get inspired on www.everydayfriday.nl!

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