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In brief …In the drama series the main prize, designed by Johan Nijenhuis and Alain de Levita, revolves around three families, two of which have a huge amount of money in a lottery win. The traditional Dutch way of dealing with money is key. This results in tragic, comical but especially recognizable situations on. an impressive cast makes for a convincing portrayal of the characters.

 WIN the grand prize: DVD!

In the

Grand Prize hit the personal lives of the families inevitably intertwined. Both prize winners go on to with the sudden wealth in its very own way. The third family, which has always been rich, been ë le owes suffer from major financial setbacks. From the moment the jackpot falls, there is nothing further is the same and is clearly or happiness actually for sale is


 WIN the grand prize: DVD! the creators knew to raise an impressive cast. Jack Wouterse, Frans van Deursen, Annick Boer, Stephan Edwards, Lieneke Le Roux, Lieke Antonisen, Jack Wouterse, Sander van Amsterdam, rose Nicely, Pim Wessels, Joey van der Velden and Melody Klaver to see in this drama series.

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var article_id = 1626; var question = ” what successful Dutch film was actress Melody Klaver not so long ago to see? ” ; var answer1 = ” letter for the King ” ; var answer2 = ” spy of Orange ” ; var answer3 = ” Bride Flight ” ; var = answer4 ” winter War ” ;

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