Dvd: Samantha Who? -season 1

what it’s about…Samantha (played by Christina Applegate from Married With Children) even know her own name anymore. Let alone the people know who to her bed as she wakes up from her coma, namely her own parents (Jean Smart and Kevin Dunn) and good friend Dena (Melissa McCarthy, known from Gilmore Girls). The day that Samantha is dismissed from the hospital, she comes to the discovery that she has a friend, called Todd (Barry Watson). Hoping for an old memory, she tries to Kiss this unknown man for her, but in vain … Samantha discovers more and more about her turbulent past, her g ê nante experiences and her egocentric character.

what can I expect  DVD: Samantha Who?-season 1 the characters are each in their own way very comical. Samantha knows Dena since primary school. She does a lot of trouble getting it to Samantha. But she loses herself completely out of the eye ( ” When is it ever Dena time? ” ). Samantha’s work girlfriend Andrea (a great role of Jennifer Esposito), which is a shrewd lawyer, is not averse to a drink, people take down ( ” Dinner tomorrow night? OK, but wear something … else! ” ) and she wants Samantha preferably as soon as possible into her partner-in-crime when going out, or Samantha it there well agree or not. In addition to   her peculiar parents are looking for Samantha also aid in Todd, her boyfriend, and with Frank, the doorman. Her journey of discovery does not, however, without a hitch. So is discovering its lievelingsijssmaak a lot simpler to solve (just all tasting) than the moment when a strange man on her doorstep to give her in marriage to ask …

 DVD: 110609_250 .jpeg Samantha Who?-season 1 ConclusieSamantha Who? is strong written and the jokes are fun worked out. Pay close attention to the lyrics, especially on that of Samantha’s girlfriend Andrea. Sometimes the flintstones, but oh-so funny and well made up. Each episode comes to stand for unexpected insights and knowledge again Samantha about herself and her surroundings, which they adopt in the mostly on what illogical, but credible ways trying to solve. Samantha Who? is a fresh, fast comedy series about a young woman who is looking for her himself. The greatest mysteries from her life after two episodes already above water, but the other 13 episodes are definitely well worth it!

Samantha Who?-ChemelEAN: 8717418205157Prijs: 1Regie season: Lee Shallat

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